Web Presence

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Need a website?  Have a website that needs updating? How about selling directly from your website with a shopping cart? Net-Tech can help you with any and all those needs. #Tip  You and your business look more professional if you have a website and your own email domain. Stop using example@yahoo.com and start using your own domain. 

Network & Server Management

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From new installs of computer systems, servers, and peripherals to repairs or upgrades of your existing systems, Net-Tech can provide you with an honest and experienced solution for you and your company. Click Here for just some of the services Net-Tech can help you with for only $65/Hour.

Looking for a New PC?

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Whether you’re purchasing a new desktop, laptop, or server Net-Tech can help. Custom computers are available, as well as name brands. We can help with specifications if you wish to purchase your own, or take all the hassle out of ordering and purchase it for you. Either way your assured to get the right server or… Read more

Computer Repair

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Have you spent hours on the phone with tech support and at the end of the conversation remain frustrated and your problems are still not solved? Net-Tech can help solve your computer woes. Whether you have spyware, software that crashes, or your computer just wont turn on. CALL US @  208-419-9094